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Toppan Vintage Launches Hive® N-PORT


Powered by Axioma, Hive® N-PORT is an end-to-end solution for SEC modernization and financial reporting

Toppan Vintage, a leading international financial printing and communications company, has launched Hive® N-PORT, powered by Axioma, an end-to-end self-filing solution to support SEC modernization and financial reporting. Hive® N-PORT, built with data integrity and compliance organizations in mind, offers users an automated, SaaS solution for aggregating data, running validations and simplifying the creation and submission of financial reports and regulatory requirements, especially the upcoming N-PORT and N-CEN filings.

"We're incredibly excited to be partnering with Axioma," said Jeffrey Riback, President of Toppan Vintage. "Our reporting platform combines solutions for intensifying reporting demands from regulators across the globe with access to a team of highly qualified specialists to ensure filings are accurate, efficient and compliant." 

Hive® N-PORT, comprised of three core tools ― a data warehouse, logic engine and report generation interface ―  delivers a secure, hassle-free experience for authoring, editing and managing shared document and filing content from internal and external contributors. The data warehousing feature stores raw data, decomposed report structures and conditional validation rules so reports can be automatically generated. Customized rules, including metadata guidelines per report, period-over-period storage and internal-facing systems to ensure compliance, make up the logic engine to ensure flexibility and solution versatility, based on each client’s needs. 

The system’s integrated workbench ensures quality report generation, review, approval and submission, all from the Hive® N-PORT solution. Customized quality control reporting features on the workbench allow for the comparison of filings from period to period, fund to fund, and within a given time-frame for active filings.

“Our clients rely on us to create comprehensive solutions to guide them through new regulatory requirements,” said Riback. “Toppan Vintage’s expertise in regulatory filings and SEC reporting solutions, coupled with Axioma’s innovative reporting platform, will deliver a hassle-free experience for successfully completing the new filing requirements for N-PORT and N-CEN.” 

Hive® N-PORT's advantages include:

  • Seamless identification of necessary data sources, typically originating from a combination of Fund Administration raw output of positional information, prime broker counterparty data and internal client systems.
  • Creation of custom extraction, translation and loading process (“ETL”) to receive raw data from identified sources and map it to a necessary format in the Data Console.
  • Automated data validation from the Data Console and instant generation of specified report(s).
  • Customized workflows to account for raw data changes based on client input.

As part of this strategic partnership, Toppan Vintage and Axioma are dedicated to continual development of technology solutions geared toward easing the integration process and solving the data-intensive reporting challenges attributed to Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN as the SEC releases additional technical specifications for the initial filing deadline in 2018. 

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SEC Modernization Reporting Requirements


What Registered Investment Companies Need to Know to Prepare for Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN.

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