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Form N-PORT: What Registered Investment Companies Need to Know

Will you be ready when compliance with new forms begins in 2018? On October 13, 2016, the SEC adopted a rule requiring Form N-PORT, a new form to be used by non-money market funds to report series-level data within 30 days of the end of each month. Form N-PORT will contain detailed information on virtually all of a fund’s portfolio holdings, including risk metrics. While Form N-Q will be retired, a “human-readable” portfolio of investments will still be required 60 days after the first and third quarters. While Form N-PORTs will be due monthly, new Form N-CEN is an annual census form (essentially a modernization and expansion of the N-SAR, which will be retired). This form will need to be filed by the 75th day after a fund’s fiscal year end.


Toppan Vintage Launches Hive® N-PORT

Toppan Vintage, a leading international financial printing and communications company, has launched Hive® N-PORT, powered by Axioma, an end-to-end self-filing solution to support SEC modernization and financial reporting. Hive® N-PORT, built with data integrity and compliance organizations in mind, offers users an automated, SaaS solution for aggregating data, running validations and simplifying the creation and submission of financial reports and regulatory requirements, especially the upcoming N-PORT and N-CEN filings.

"We're incredibly excited to be partnering with Axioma," said Jeffrey Riback, President of Toppan Vintage. "Our reporting platform combines solutions for intensifying reporting demands from regulators across the globe with access to a team of highly qualified specialists to ensure filings are accurate, efficient and compliant." 


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Toppan Vintage

Toppan Vintage is a leading international financial printing, communications and technology company dedicated to delivering a hassle-free experience with the highest quality accuracy, reliability and value for your organization’s financial printing and communications needs.

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