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Benefits of our Merger, Part 1: Technology


Toppan Vite proudly announced the acquisition of Vintage last week. For more information on the acquisition, view our press release here.

Most of you are probably wondering, “Now what?"

For starters, we want to take this time to assure all clients that your relationship with Toppan Vite, Vintage, and your designated account team will not change. All of your contacts remain the same and are reachable via the same phone numbers and email addresses.

What may change, however, are the service offering benefits that we can now bring to you as a result of this acquisition. Our main purpose is to expand into new sectors and markets and enhance our combined platform so we can maximize our support of your business needs…and that must begin with technology.

See below list for a few examples of how our technology offering will improve as a result of integrating our combined firm’s resources, R&D and technology expertise.

Hive® Solutions

Our Hive® suite of technology solutions aspires to the idea of the hive – an industrious community working together in a secure environment towards a common goal. Our Hive® solutions include various SaaS offerings for self-filing, automation and collaboration.

Typesetting Capabilities

We now offer the industry’s only auto-pagination system and “on-system” strikethrough comparison, which ensures accurate proofs of formatted financial materials in minutes.


State-of-the-art Single Source Multiple Output system for simultaneously typesetting and publishing; no more waiting for proofs to be repaginated.

“On-System” Strikethrough Comparison

Hassle-free comparison capabilities, done completely “on system,” with no extra software or conversion, assuring fast, accurate and cost-effective results.

XBRL Solutions

Hive® XBRL, powered by Certent, our self-service XBRL solution, provides greater control over your reporting process by eliminating manual workflows, with an easy-to-use interface, to improve the quality of your filings.

Print & Mail Facilities

Whether it is high-speed digital printing, print on demand, sheet-fed printing, coldset and heatset web printing, our in-house printing and mailing facilities have a technology solution that will help you achieve your goals.

No need to outsource to multiple vendors; our in-house facilities can handle your entire project, saving you time and money.

Shareholder Communications

For investor relations professionals, the business of disclosure, compliance, transparency and distributing news is constantly evolving. Issuers need the right technology tools to grow your communications needs and goals as the industry progresses. We now offer IR website development, conference calls and webcasts and news distribution and disclosure to meet your growing needs.

Our investor relations technology solutions perfectly complement our full-suite of regulatory compliance filing services.

Stylized Proxy

Our full annual general meeting service offering includes, stylized proxy solutions and peer group analysis, to increase shareholder participation and save money.

Hive® SEC Self-File

Hive® SEC Self-File is an easy-to-use, cloud-based disclosure platform for self-filing reporting and compliance documents that includes the following SEC form types: Form 8-K, Section 16 forms, Schedules 13D and 13G, Form D, Form 12b-25, SEC correspondence, Form 13F.

Hive® CAL

Hive® CAL is our EDGAR deadline calendar mobile application for easily viewing your company’s SEC EDGAR filing deadlines. Deadlines can be calculated for any registrant or fiscal-year-end. Visit:

Content Management

Hive® Content Control

Hive® Content Control is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that delivers a secure, hassle-free experience for authoring, editing and managing shared document and filing content (marketing documents, shareholder reports, SEC filings, factsheets) from internal and external contributors.

Dynamic Publishing Solutions

The platform’s dynamic publishing solutions technology automates the content creation process by establishing customized business objects in Adobe InDesign for compliant, accurate and visually appealing documents.

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Toppan Vintage

Toppan Vintage is a leading international financial printing, communications and technology company dedicated to delivering a hassle-free experience with the highest quality accuracy, reliability and value for your organization’s financial printing and communications needs.

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